Biogena-IMK Individuelle Mikronaehrstoff Komponenten

IMK - Individuelle Mikronährstoff Komponenten

(Individual micronutrient components)


The Maria Hilf Pharmacy takes over the Biogena IMK service.


The service and the IMK website by Biogena have been shut down in September 2016. We ask for your appreciated understanding and thank you for your loyalty.We are also glad to keep accompanying you as Biogena customer. Here you find our nutrient products. 

For certain indications and micronutrient shortages, Biogena also offers  combination preparations.

Nutrifem PilloVit B6® for example covers the increased need that develops due to the intake of oral contraceptives.. Mucosa Formula® is a special vital substance combination for supporting the intestinal mucosa. And Multispectrum 24/7® provides us with the most important vitamins, minerals and plant-based nutrient substances.


With October 2016, our cooperation partner, the Maria Hilf pharmacy (Apotheke Maria Hilf) takes over the preparation of the individual micronutrient mixtures. You can order directly at the pharmacy:

Apotheke Maria Hilf
Münzgasse 1
9100 Völkermarkt
T +43 4232 2442-0