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Siebensalz® Magnesium Unique: with 7 magnesium compounds

28. June 2017, Redaktion, Produkt-Tipp

Magnesium – Essential for the function of 300 enzymesSiebensalz-Magnesium

Magnesium plays a key role in nearly all metabolic processes in the cell. It is especially important for muscular function, our nerves and the nerve system, stable teeth and bones as well as the electrolyte balance in the body.

Biogena Siebensalz® Magnesium – a healthy mixture out of seven magnesium compounds   

BiogenaSiebensalz®Magnesium offers seven different magnesium compounds. Biogena product management developed an ideal mixture, uniting magnesium-rich compounds with different grades of solubility. This way, you are provided with healthy magnesium – no matter which pH value is in your gastro-intestinal tract.

More than just magnesium…

...because every magnesium compound has a different solubility in the naturally changing pH value conditions in the colon.

Background info: So that the bowel can ingest magnesium in our body, the essential magnesium has to be released from its salt compound. But how does this work? The release of the magnesium is dependent on the current pH value in the colon.

In a healthy stomach, all magnesium compounds that are soluble in a heavily acidic surrounding are released. The problem? In the further areas of the digestion tract, the surroundings are alkaline. At this point, the grade of solubility of magnesium compounds differs strongly.

There are many factors that determine the pH values in the gastro-intestinal-tract: what and how much we eat, medication we might take, the bacteria in the colon and other individual parameters. This is why a balanced mixture of magnesium salts that differ in solubility. An additional difference between the magnesium compounds is the amount of magnesium they contain. Magnesium oxide provides you with a lot of magnesium, but is only soluble in acidic surroundings, whereas magnesium citrate has not as much magnesium, but it is also available for the body in more alkaline surroundings.

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