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Konrad Beyreuther: Alzheimer's will always accompany us

22. March 2017, Redaktion, Research

In an interview with Gehirn & Geist (2012), Prpf. Konrad Beyreuther, one of the leading researchers of Alzheimer’s disease worldwide, talks about growing old and age-related prostration processes. He explains that everybody would get Alzheimer’s, if only he grew old enough. This means that the disease is inevitable and thus a fixed part of ageing. It is true that there is no ultimate cure for dementia yet, but there are possibilities to postpone the disease so that maybe one even does not live to see it.

Konrad Beyreuther confirms that cognitive disturbances start on average with 75, but that the disease sets in already 30 years before its outbreak. We can for example detect Alzheimer’s through an analysis of fluid biomarkers in the brain, showing protein depositions which are typical for Alzheimer’s disease. Diagnosing Alzheimer’s oneself is difficult, but the first thing that one recognises is often that he can hardly concentrate on two things at the same time anymore. As soon as the first deficits emerge, a diagnosis is essential for further future plans.

Despite various diagnostic possibilities, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease yet. However, the risk for developing Alzheimer’s decreases drastically when you exercise regularly and stay mentally active. A change in diet can also help prevent the disease the brain burns a lot of energy and needs omega 3 fatty acids, mainly contained in linseed oil and fish. Moreover, a healthy diet rich in fibres reduces the risk factors for a cardiac infarct and stroke, which correspond nearly 100 % with those for Alzheimer’s.


Source: Jahn, A. 2012. Alzheimer wird uns immer begleiten. Gehirn & Geist. 5:66-70.
Interview mit Prof. Konrad Beyreuther aus Gehirn & Geist, 2012

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