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Biogena is partner of the climate alliance

26. January 2017, Redaktion, BIOGENA - the company

Biogena is partner of the climate allianceAuszeichnung Klima Allianz

Since 2012, we act as climate-neutral company and now we have gone one step further in the matter of climate neutrality: Biogena is an official partner of the Klima-Allianz (climate alliance). The project “Senate of economy” has been created for supporting entrepreneurs committed to sustainability. The common goal: a clearly defined reduction of CO2 emissions and an effective and long-term rethinking of resource consumption. Because every piece of the puzzle – no matter how small – contributes to an improvement of climate protection. 

Calculated officially, improved in the long run 

For the assessment of our CO2 emissions, we count on an experienced partner, zukunftswerk eG that sets himself a clear goal: to help companies reach economic success through an ecological and social exemplary status. They view sustainability as the creation of life convenience and joy through the steady preservation of our social, ecological, cultural and economic background. 

Together with the zukunftswerk eG team, we have processed, counted and calculate and this way calculated our CO2 emission balance for the business years 2014 and 2015. All emission sources have been evaluated meticulously – ranging from waste to cleaning agents to every single litre of fuel. We are a bit proud of the result: “Your carbon footprint is a sensationally good result for a company of this size. Congratulations to this outstanding performance”, congratulated Alexander Rossner from zukunftswerk eG.

For us, the journey goes on, because the point is to keep reducing our own emissions and to compensate emissions that cannot be avoided through relevant climate projects. 

Green facts about micronutrients „made in Austria“

Products according to the pure substance principle, services according to ISO 22000 and ISO 14001/EMAS with a 360-degree quality standard: Biogena satisfies the high demands of a responsible company when it comes to food safety. This quality standard embraces all steps of the value-added chain. The company consistently cares for renewable and bioavailable raw materials, the choice of suppliers and supplier relations presupposes the moral-ethical as well as ecological-social value congruence. Since 2012, Biogena is a carbon neutral company. All products of the full range have proven to be nutritionally effective and are developed, manufactured and merchandised as natural as possible and in a resource-friendly way. Primarily, the company manufactures micronutrient preparations and plant-based products (nutritional supplements, dietary foods and functional foods). The company is committed to the principle of offering its customers an above-average service quality and of organizing all activities in an environment- and climate-friendly way. The trendsetting and family-friendly personnel policy encourages the employees to thrive individually depending on their talents, potentials and attitude to life and thus to achieve fantastic results.