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Bowel with Charm

22. August 2017, Redaktion, Produkt-Tipp

Sometimes our body's core needs help as well. That's the reason why Biogena developed some products to support our bowel.

ColonBalance Produkt-Tipp


Biogena ColonBalance® is a neutral-tasting powder with a high content of soluble dietary fibre types (acacia fibre FibregumTM, amylopectin, citrus pectin and resistant dextrin), which the intestinal bacteria in the final section of the intestine use as food.

ColonBalance® increases the general dietary fibre intake. This ensures daily dietary fibre intake and food for intestinal microorganisms – all’s well if the gut is well!


Mucosa Formula®

Biogena Mucosa Formula® contains a perfect composition of the amino acid L-glutamine, special plant extracts and relevant micronutrients and can expediently support the needs of the intestinal mucosa.

For supporting the function of the mucous membranes and cell division, as a nutritional contribution for the immune system, and to support the antioxidative protection mechanisms.

DarmFormulaClassic Produkt-Tipp

Darm Formula classic

Biogena Darm Formula classic is a nutrient complex with high-quality black cumin seed extract, the amino acid L-glutamine and three selected B vitamins. The two B vitamins niacin and vitamin B2 support the function of the intestinal mucosa, while vitamin B6 helps maintain normal functioning of the immune system.

Helps maintain the normal intestinal mucosa, as a nutritional supplement to support the immune function and as a supplementary supply of valuable plant extracts from black cumin seeds, the amino acid L-glutamine and the plant fibre inulin.


Omni Lactis® 10 Caps

Lactobacilli cultures from 10 highly concentrated documented strains

Biogena Omni Lactis® 10 Caps is a leading multi-strain preparation in the quality lactobacilli product segment for targeted intake of lactobacilli cultures. With 10 billion viable bacteria per daily dose from 10 strains, Omni Lactis® 10 Caps is a particularly highly concentrated preparation.