Modern and family-friendly working environment

28. July 2017, Redaktion, Employer

Biogena opts for family-friendly jobs and welcomes the Austrian Minister for Family Affairs and Youth, Dr. Sophie Karmasin, for a talk in the headquarter in Salzburg.

The modern working environment at Biogena is based on a distinct framework of values and culture which incorporates the compatibility of job and family. Family-friendly work is one of the biggest socio-political factors for a better future this is why we want to support all Biogena employees by offering individual flexible work schedule and workplace and parents can bring their children to work at any time. Moreover, we have implemented many other measures: availability of works doctor, Social Service Center, free lunch, job tickets and home office, but also measures for raising awareness among managers as well as interdisciplinary training opportunities. And the additional benefit is obvious, because enthusiastic employees come up with a particularly strong performance.

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