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Recipe of the month: Rainbow ice cream

26. June 2017, Redaktion, Life


Biogena wishes you a fantastic summer with our fruity and fresh cooling sensation for hot summer days – with our rainbow ice with raspberry, curcuma and chlorella.


Rainbow ice

Basic recipe (per type of ice cream)
Put two to three deep-frozen bananas and 200 to 250 ml coconut milk in a blender. Add a bit of lemon zest and date syrup for sweetening to taste.

Raspberry ice
Add fresh and sweet raspberries to the basic recipe.

Curcuma ice
A very spicy ice variant: add a bit of curcuma to the basic, try and add sweetening if required. The yellow ice cream is a definitely a surprising delight..

Chlorella ice
The content of three to four Chlorella capsules gives the ice a summery green. The Chlorella alagae is especially rich in vitamin B12 and gives the ice an extraordinary colour.

Vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy our summer ice cream!