Thanks to Enzyme!

04. September 2017, Redaktion, Produkt-Tipp

If you have food intolerances or allergies you can assist your body with enzymes and help to degrade fructose, histamine or lactose.

 Biogena DAOZymDAOZym®

Innovative combination preparation of the enzyme DAO, which breaks down histamine, and the amino acid L-glutamine

DAOZym® is an innovative combination product that contains the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) and the amino acid L-glutamine for the dietary treatment of intolerances to food due to histamine intolerance.

The enzyme contained corresponds to the natural enzyme of the body that degrades histamine ingested with food and prevents a flood of histamine from histamine-rich in food. Furthermore, L-glutamine strengthens the cells of the intestinal mucosa that were affected by the intolerance and thus supports the body’s own production of DAO.


Biogena FructoZymFructoZym®

Innovative combination preparation of the enzyme XI, which breaks down fructose, and selected micronutrients

FructoZym® is an innovative combination preparation intended for the dietary treatment of an inflamed intestinal mucosa caused by food intolerance. It contains selected micronutrients. L-glutamine, pantothenic acid and zinc promote the regeneration of an inflamed intestinal mucosa. L-tryptophan, folic acid and vitamin B6 counterbalance nutrient deficiencies caused by illness and support the healthy metabolism of serotonin. In addition, the enzyme XI in the preparation can also convert fructose from food into easily digestible glucose. The supplementary XI intake promotes the breakdown of fructose and reduces the quantity of fructose in the small intestine.