Appreciating - without limitsVerso CSR-Echtzeitreporting

Verso: room for real-time CSR reporting at Biogena. 



The environmental management at Biogena is based on ISO 14001 and EMAS and is effective in all processes of the value-added chain.

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Biogena Ökodose aus Green PE

One of the greatest levers is the packaging of our micronutrients: We set an important milestone with our innovative eco-bottle..

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Corporate Social Responsibility


The CSR-oriented management of the Austrian family business Biogena orients itself on the 3. Sustainable Development Goal of the UN Global Compact.

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Our values

Audits Biogena Makro Moos

The framework of values and culture at Biogena is not only a matter of course internally, but also reflects our stakeholder relations.

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Biogena hilft!

Biogena hilft Kinder essen

The association Biogena hilft! bundles all issues of social engagement: It supports socially disadvantaged children and focusses on education. 

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Hand and seal

Biogena Auszeichnungen Guetesiegel Eisbaeren

We, as learning organisation, consider audits, seals of quality and certfifcations as opportunities, because feedback and reflection ensure continuous development.

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