Hope for children in Nepal

How „Biogena hilft!“ opens up a new chapter in social interaction

Humaneness can be that simple. In order to give children hope and perspectives, the employees of an Austrian family business formed a social charity association: Biogena hilft!. Here, education is the name of the game. The organisation currently supports a school project in Nepal.

Left picture: Lesson in the only class room there is in the abbey

Right picture: Drying herbs in the courtyard of the abbey

“For us, there is no better holiday than being with the children in Jharkot.“ Christina Klaffinger und Wolfgang Pichlmüller are teachers at the Musisches Gymnasium (a grammar school in Salzburg) and their words send a shiver down the spine. Following the invitation of the social charity association Biogena hilft! (Biogena helps!), they presented a unique school project in June.

The project “Schule macht Schule” stands for a safe future in a free boarding school in the village of Jharkot that is located on 3.550 metres in the Himalaya region. The pupils, who are often moneyless, come from far away. Some even have to go across the Thorong La, a pass in the high mountains – and their journey can take up to two days.

With Biogena hilft!, the project has found an important sponsor. The name was created by the renowned micronutrient specialist Biogena in Salzburg – where also employees invest money in order to give children in need a perspective. And there is a lot to do in Jharkot, especially now – because the heavy earthquake from 25th April has left its marks.

With a cheque for 9.025,00 Euros, the association wants to set an example. This is the amount used for “Schule macht Schule” in 2015, explain Rita Schmiedbauer and Ina Viebahn from Biogena hilft!. Absolutely essential reconstruction measures could be ensured this way.

This is the sequel of what has begun in 2014. This is when Biogena started implementing important measures and helping in Jharkot: a photovoltaic system for example, so that the rooms always have electric light.


By the way: Everybody can help. Act like Johanna Besner and her colleagues from the seventh grade of the Musisches Gymnasium and take up a sponsorship for a foster child. Or simply decide to donate. Because no matter how much you give: Your contribution means hope!


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