Doing things for each other

Has money created man? Or has man created money? Let this question sink in for a moment, and you will be surprised. Because economic activity really can do good – if it is implemented in the right way.  

A framwework of culture and values reveals itself 

Thinking of people, 
trusting others,
keeping our word,
shaping the future,
protecting tomorrow,
building on responsibility,
without limits - 
daring to be decent,
having courage,
awakening talents,
discovering new paths,
making space,
living your career and family,
knowing myself,
knowing ourselves – 
doing things for each other.

Quality of life

“Good health and well-being” is the third sustainable development goal of the United Nations. And if this reminds you of our products, you are not wrong. But think about it on a deeper level: we human beings are designed to live with body, heart and soul – to thrive – and to develop and improve as much as we can.

Social responsibility

This is why Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the core business of Biogena. Our CSR team is based on the holistic ISO 26000 framework, which encompasses principles such as accountability, transparency, and an international code of conduct. And our own CSR Management System will soon go one step further.

Membership of the UN Global Compact

But all this is not enough – any topic that you are really passionate about deserves more. You need to bring it into the world, network, and share your passion with others. This is why Biogena is member of the UN Global Compact, where we keep our word and stand up for human rights, labour standards, and environmental protection – and against corruption.

Contact information: Julia Ganglbauer


CSR Manager  Julia Ganglbauer,  Julia-GanglbauerMSc oversees the areas CSR, quality, and environment.

If you have a question about any aspect of this topic, she will be happy to receive your email

Factbox CSR

In terms of  CSR reporting Biogena is taking courageous steps and making CSR-related data available through its own  online platform.
Biogena has committed to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact since 2013 and reports relevant progress in its annual COP report.
CSR-oriented company management goes hand in hand with a clear commitment to the third sustainable development goal of the United Nations “health & wellbeing”, and covers modern working environments, our clear commitment to family life, our notable high-quality customer focus, our significant commitment to the environment, our social responsibility, and our fair business and operating practices. 
Value and culture management form the foundation of authentic CSR management. With the help of audits, quality seals and certifications Biogena, as a learning organisation, gets regular feedback and feed-forward loops.

Biogena’s standards comply with the principles of  ISO 26000, including transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for the stakeholders’ interests, respect for international standards of behaviour, and respect for human rights.

Biogena is a member of several networks, including respACT, the Senat der Wirtschaft (Senate of Economy) or Unternehmen für Familien (organisation for families), and is very interested in external collaborations.