Hymn to Mother Earth

Just imagine that a miracle happens: and all companies take responsibility – also for how they treat our environment. You are doubtful? Then simply rely on yourself: because the miracle we are talking about – you can make it happen, by buying consciously, living consciously.

Returning something to nature

What is behind the Biogena capsules? Safe raw materials? Ingredients without additives? Sure. But let your imagination run wild: Suddenly, the curtain opens up and you will look nature in the eye. It’s to her that we owe everything that micronutrients can do. And we want to give something back – with unequalled measures.  

Biogena does not waste

You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs – an old proverb says. So be it! Biogena is different: We want to reduce waste as much as possible – or even better: not produce any. Can orders be processed paperlessly? Yes, we said to ourselves – and created an e-ordering system where everything is recorded digitally. We do not need to print out anything anymore – not even a fax. And waste has been reduced significantly. But does waste have to be visible?

Greenhouse gases are also waste – and invisible. And they are an ever greater challenge. But don’t worry. We have created something that has become a reality in 2015: so, clear the stage for our eco-bottle.


May I introduce myself? I am an eco-bottle. And with me, Biogena contributes actively to climate protection – because I am made from renewable sugarcane. The plant eventually needs the greenhouse gas for growing. And when the time has come, there is plastics recycling. This is how the CO2 is prevented from escaping
Biogena Ökodose aus Green PE

I hope that we will meet very soon. As a special trademark, I carry a leaf above my label.

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Thank you very much indeed for your interlude, dear eco-bottle. By the way: With you, we save altogether up to 100 tons of CO2 and more per year[1].

What else is there to say? Maybe that we use 100% green electricity – and run our own photovoltaic system. It supplies us with so much extra carbon neutral electricity – we could plant around 130 trees each year[2]. Maybe that we count nearly across the board on LED lighting. It’s often daylight-controlled – and has motion sensors here and there. Maybe that energy-saving air-handling ceilings put the icing on the cake. They are energised with thermal collectors that shine on the roof of our main office – and around

Improving things

How we managed to do all that? Quite simply – because we have a fantastic Corporate Environmental Management: EMAS and ISO 14001 certified – and always striving towards improving things. For this, also read our current environmental statement.

By the way: In 2015, Biogena had even the best Environmental Team in Austria – together with three other environmentally conscious companies. This is how the “Lebensministerium” (Austrian Federal Ministry of  Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) saw it. And they have to know. Many thanks for the EMAS award 2015, it makes us proud. 


The Earth is like a mother: She cares lovingly about us. She gives us food, she gives us drink. Mostly, she makes space so that we can unfold. And always, she gives us air for breathing. Please take care of our Earth: today, tomorrow, for generations.

1 The global warming potential (GWP100) of the raw material Green PE is at an average -2,15 kg CO2/kg. Find more information on: (http://www.biogena.com/GreenPE)
2 According to our own calculation based on manufacturers standard values. Can vary due to non-consistent sun radiation.


Factbox Umwelt

Our environmental declaration documents and analyses the company’s environmental activities annually. (currently only available in German).





Biogena has been environmentally certified since 2014, in compliance with ISO 14001 / EMAS.

Environmental responsibility is a matter of course at Biogena. All of our thoughts, actions, and processes are aligned with both the ISO 14001 and the EMAS guidelines.

An ecological assessment and  environmental declaration 2017 are prepared each year to review our performance. We also use audits proactively as an opportunity for improvement. The environmental team is responsible for ensuring awareness within the company.

Together with three other companies, this environmental team received the EMAS-Award as the best environmental team in Austria.

Effective measures included the installation of a photovoltaic system in the logistics centre, the introduction of an e-ordering system in the sales department, and the conversion of our packaging to the eco-bottle.

External collaborations are welcomed. The Summer School, for example, offers an opportunity to support ecological responsibility on a long-term basis.