Responsibility, above and beyond

Once upon a time there was a wizard who was going through a rough patch in life. Nobody believed in him and his magic talent stayed undiscovered for a long time – until he met this girl. At first, she just gave him furtive glances. But all of sudden she smiled at him and said: “You are the greatest wizard of all. If it wasn’t for you, the others wouldn’t have anybody to help them get going with their hocus-pocus”.
Free to be human

Shouldn’t we rely on each other much more and just accept everybody as he or she is? This is what we stand for at Biogena, through thick and thin. Because where we are met with trust, mutual appreciation takes place. Where there is appreciation, we can have courage. Where these aspects merge and intertwine, responsibility grows.

We want to take this sense of responsibility out in the world. In doing so, we walk hand in hand with all those around us.

Thinking outside of the box

How does a supplier treat others? How does a supplier treat the environment? Biogena cares: we work together with those who share our values – together, we can make it work. And our systematic audits provide definitive proof of this.
What do we offer our partners in return? We call it fairness, stability – we call it trust, responsibility, appreciation and courage.
Each thought is a driving force. And together, they are carrying forward us into the future: it will be wonderful there.