Unique micronutrient preparations – made in Austria

It is the story of an extraordinary idea – and each Biogena micronutrient capsule tells one part of it. Because where essential approaches meet, natural substances get their perfect form.

Health & science is our commitment

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It all starts with the right ingredients. Micronutrients have to be finely tuned to each other for being able to thrive ideally. Here, our knowledge is the spark. This why there are more than a dozen academic researchers at Biogena. Their work is the cornerstone for an unrivalled product.

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Pure substances


Now it is time to get our capsules into form. There is a lot of manufacturing work involved. This is the only way we can do without additives.
This principle makes Biogena products hypoallergenic – and plant-based capsule shells protect the valuable ingredients. 

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Safety is key

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In order to secure the high standards of quality we are committed to, all raw materials are subject to strict controls. Demand-oriented extra tests for pesticides, heavy metals and radioactivity guarantee that pollutants stand no chance. Moreover, an independent institute checks each product batch in its laboratory. 

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