Omega 3 salad

Recipe of the month: Omega 3 salad

10. March 2017, Redaktion, Life

This fresh spring salad is easily prepared and tastes delicious. Already one teaspoon of our Omega-3 liquid contributes significantly to maintaining your performance and wellbeing. 

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Biogena is a "Great Place to Work"

Biogena is a "Great Place to Work"

16. March 2017, Christfried Dornis, BIOGENA - the company

Biogena is a great place to work! This year, we have again been awarded as "Great Place to Work". We are very happy about this success and want to thank all of our employees.

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7.500 miles on foot: how running connects cultures

7.500 miles on foot: how running connects cultures

12. March 2017, Redaktion, Life

Biogena supports Kai Markus in his exceptional challenge: running the silk road from Hamburg to Shanghai - over 7.500 miles in 212 days.

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Biogena Naturtrilogie® C 250

Product NEWS: Naturtrilogie® C 250 (Natural trilogy)

07. March 2017, Redaktion, Product news

Numerous legends pass on the useful properties of the Amla fruit, the fruit of eternal youth and beauty. The sour fruit is naturally rich in vitamin C, a component that is valuable in many ways, and it is the main ingredient of Natural trilogy (Naturtrilogie®) C 250.

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Biogena 60 seconds knowledge - Alzheimer's disease

60 seconds knowledge - Alzheimer's disease

06. March 2017, Christfried Dornis, Research

What is dementia and what is Alzheimer's disease? We talked with the founding director of the Netzwerk Alternsforschung of the university of Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Beyreuther - now in our 60 seconds knowledge.

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60 seconds knowledge: Dr. Jörn Reckel

60 seconds knowledge - bowel health

12. February 2017, Christfried Dornis, Micronutrients

Our expert Dr. Jörn Reckel explains in the "Biogena 60 seconds knowledge", which factors have positive and negative effects on our bowel.

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60 seconds knowledge: enzymes

60 seconds knowledge: enzymes

06. February 2017, Christfried Dornis, Micronutrients

Dr. med. Hellmut Münch explains in the new „Biogena 60 seconds knowledge“ video, why enzymes are so important for our body.

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Siegel Klima Allianz

Biogena is partner of the climate alliance

26. January 2017, Redaktion, BIOGENA - the company

Since 2012, we act as climate-neutral company and now we have gone one step further in the matter of climate neutrality: Biogena is an official partner of the Klima-Allianz (climate alliance).

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Nursing loved ones

New special seminar: Nursing loved ones

23. January 2017, Birgit Oswald, Events

Those who nurse a family member of friends often have pending questions. In two course days, you receive valuable information about growing old, about pain, dementia, digestion and sleep disorders – as well as about medication and micronutrients.

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"Unternehmen der nächsten Generation" Buchtipp

Biogena in the team of authors of the reference book “Companies – the next generation”

23. December 2016, Julia Ganglbauer, Book recommendation

Or modern working environments have a lot to offer and obtain their lively speciality through the many different personalities of the Biogena group.

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bowel check - know-how

Most modern form of bowel test - comfortably from at home

15. December 2016, Weichselbraun Margit, Life

When have you last felt as fit as a fiddle? Before racking your brain about it, let’s focus on “a few floors down” – on our abdominal brain.

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Zinc cream for smooth, supple skin

Zinc cream soon available

22. March 2017, Redaktion, Product news

For smooth, resistant skin: our popular zinc cream will be available from the end of March.

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