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Ein schönes neues Jahr!

31. December 2016, Life

Wir wünschen ein fantastisches neues Jahr, mit viel Freude, Glück und vor allem Gesundheit!

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"Unternehmen der nächsten Generation" Buchtipp

Biogena im Autorenteam des Fachbuchs „Unternehmen der nächsten Generation“

23. December 2016, Julia Ganglbauer, Book recommendation

Unsere modernen Arbeitswelten haben so einiges zu bieten und erhalten durch die vielen unterschiedlichen Persönlichkeiten der Biogena-Gruppe ihre lebendige Besonderheit.

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bowel check - know-how

Most modern form of bowel test - comfortably from at home

15. December 2016, Weichselbraun Margit, Life

When have you last felt as fit as a fiddle? Before racking your brain about it, let’s focus on “a few floors down” – on our abdominal brain.

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Ice bath - for a strong immune system

Immune fit through the advent season

14. December 2016, Weichselbraun Margit, Life

Christkindl markets and fairs, carol singing. Cosy and comfortable get-togethers shed light in the dark season and turn the days before Christmas into something special. However, this time of the year is a challenge for our immune system – with cold, wet, crowds and gathering.

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Paleo Vanilla "Schneebällchen" (snowballs)

Our Biogena chef Laszlo recommends: Vanilla snowballs

10. December 2016, Life

A simple christmas recipe in just 15 minutes - no bake.

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Neuigkeiten aus dem Produktsortiment

Zinc cream - availability

10. November 2016, Redaktion, Product news

Old formula, new manufacturing: our popular Zinc cream will soon be available again.

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Meridian Übung Herzdünndarmmeridian 2

Meridians in the flow

28. November 2016, Birgit Oswald, Life

According to the 5 elements cycle, autumn and winter are the seasons of metal and water with their functional circles lung and kidney. The climatic conditions during the cold seasons can weaken the energy supply of these organs, which can lead to a reduced defence Qi. Snowboarder Julia Dujmovits shows how the energy pathways remain strong with Makko-Ho meridian strechting.

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Video 60 seconds knowledge: enterobacteria

60 seconds knowledge: enterobacteria

24. November 2016, Christfried Dornis, Micronutrients

Discover more about the role of bacteria in our body - in just one minute.

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Overview seminars 2017 - Club events

Our seminar overview 2017 is ready

23. November 2016, Redaktion, Events

Over 130 lectures with international top speakers in more than 15 cities.

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Buchvorstellung Dr.Reckel Darm krank alles krank

Bowel sick – all sick . A book presentation by Dr. med. Jörn Reckel

03. November 2016, Christfried Dornis, Book recommendation

Thumbing through: Bowel expert Dr. Jörn Reckel presents his book „Darm krank – alles krank“ (Bowel sick – all sick), published in the Biogena edition. Doctors, therapists and patients get an overview of how our bowel and its eco-system work and how the gut flora influences our overall health.

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Animated Gif Biogena Erdensalz Erde

Product news: Biogena Erdensalz® (Earth Salt)

21. October 2016, Bernhard Peßenteiner, Product news

Mother Earth must have been deeply in love with her starry sky – for they have many children. The ancient Greeks believed in this – and we at Biogena still do so. 

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Baby mit roten Bäckchen

The fabulous world of iron

12. October 2016, Margit Weichselbraun, Micronutrients

For more than just rosy cheeks: findings and news about the trace element iron.

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