The Biogena world

Precious ingredients, ideal dosage and the highest quality – these are the three magic words when it comes to our high-qualiry micronutrient preparations and food supplements. Biogena products fulfill these standards and there is more to come: our products are maufactured in Austria and are – for the sake of your health – free from additives.

As knowledge company, research and diagnostics are the basis of our work. Our main goal is to present the knowledge we collect in a comprehensible way and to pass it on to our customers. This means that we not only offer you a variety of high-quality products, but also want to be your knowledge partner when it comes to health and wellbeing. 

Biogena Facts and Figures

Our vision

Mit vielfältigen Mehrwert-Angeboten leistet Biogena einen wesentlichen Beitrag im Bereich Gesundheit und Wohlergehen

As an internationally renowned company in the area of micronutrients, we make a significant contribution to health and wellbeing with our diverse value-added offers. 

Our mission

Wissen, Qualität und Verantwortung machen Biogena zu einem starken Partner

Knowledge, quality and responsiblity make us a strong partner for micronutrients, diagnostics and health care - our goal is to help a maximum of people in living a fantastic life. 

Our values

Die fünf Kernwerte von Biogena: Vertrauen, Verantwortung, Wertschätzung, Mut und Leistung

In order to help people in living a fantastic life, we act according to our five core values, trust, responsibility, appreciation, courage and performance.