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Biogena is a place for unique people. We want them to give free rein to their skills and abilities. What counts here is creative integrity. This is the force that keeps us moving forward. For this reason, we consider diversity to be an opportunity for everyone.

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My Biogena story 

The whole is more than the sum of its parts: Biogena employees tell us what they do, what moves them and what a fantastic working enviroment means to them.

Please note that the videos are currently only available in German.

Apprenticeship and Matura at Biogena

Apprenticeship at Biogena

02. February 2017, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Unsere vier Bürokauffrauen in Ausbildung berichten von ihrer Tätigkeit bei Biogena und den vielen Vorteilen, die eine Ausbildung bei Biogena mit sich bringt.

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Biogena Ina Viebahn

Ina Viebahn - Forschungsdesignerin

25. January 2017, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Forschungsdesignerin Ina Viebahn erzählt von ihrem Berufsalltag in der Abteilung "Forschung und Entwicklung".

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Biogena Annegret Baum

Annegret Baum - Nutrient consultant Store Frankfurt

18. November 2016, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Nutrient consultant Annegret Baum tells us about her work routine in the first Biogena Store in Germany.

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Logistics Leader Martin Berndorfer

Martin Berndorfer - Logistics Leader

20. October 2016, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Logistikleiter Martin Berndorfer tells us about his work enviroment in the Biogena logistics centre in Upper Austria.

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Biogena Mitarbeiterin Sarah Trappl

Sarah Trappl - Director human resources and legal affairs

08. August 2016, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Sarah Trappl is director of human resources and legal affairs. Her tasks are in particular the recruitment of new employees and personnel development; Aside from the familiar atmosphere at her workplace, she also appreciates the employee bonus-programme.

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Biogena Mitarbeiterin Margit Loidl

Margit Loidl - Staff member inside sales

08. August 2016, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Margit Loidl works for Biogena International in the inside sales department in Freilassing (Germany). She especially appreciates the sports- and wellbeing programme as well as the many different training opportunities.

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Biogena Mitarbeiterin Stefanie Merz

Stefanie Merz - Quality manager, quality auditor

08. August 2016, Christfried Dornis, Employer

Video: Stefanie Merz works in the CSR, quality and evironment team. As director of the enviromental managment she supervises many projects and enforces the awareness for an ecological direction of all processes in the company.

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Biogena Mitarbeiterin Lisa Ressi

Lisa Ressi - Subject specialist

08. August 2016, Employer

Video: Elisabeth Ressi is responsible for the Micornutrient compact course - a course for all people working in the health sector. In her employee story, Elisabeth Ressi describes how she started at Biogena.

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Biogena Mitarbeiter Helmut Aigner

Helmut Aigner - Field sales force

08. August 2016, Employer

Video: Helmut Aigner is responsible for our partner doctors and therapists in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria. He particularly appreciates the strong team spirit and the appreciative behaviour.

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