How to prepare for Biogena

Nearly every career starts with an application. Nearly every application starts with a discovery.
Have you discovered Biogena? Are you all for contributing here? Then hit the keys. It’s easy to enter everything on our job board. Upload your application letter and your CV here – and make no pretence of what you want us to know. You can tell us, for example, why you apply at our company in particular.
Biogena is highly popular – also as an employer. This is why it can take its time until we have read all applications. But don’t worry: we just want to take our time – also for you. And as soon as we know more, we will let you know right away.


Getting to know each other

Let’s suppose you have made us curious – let’s suppose we want to get to know you in person – let’s suppose we meet: what will it be about?
It will, amongst other things, be about seeing if we really fit together. About how you cope with our values. About what you think about trust, responsibility, appreciation, performance and courage. The better you prepare yourself, the more you contribute, the easier it is for us to decide.

Becoming familiar

 Let’s suppose that we have found each other. Let’s suppose the contract is sealed: should we leave it there? Does recruiting stop here for us? Never ever. Because those who start at Biogena get to know a whole new working environment. Your personal onboarding plan helps you to settle here. And in the first hundred days you can always consult your buddy: what does the coffee machine want, if the red light is on? What do I need to consider when I want to use the equipment in the fitness room? As simple as the questions may sound – it’s a good feeling to have someone at your side.
And what happens when these 100 days are over? What if some questions have not been answered? After these hundred days we will, over and over, talk and think about it: what else is there to do?

Reach for the stars

What are you waiting for? Hit the keys and don’t be shy: reach for the stars. Because we human beings are designed to live with body, heart and soul – to thrive – and to develop and improve as much as we can. This is what Biogena stands for. And maybe this is also what you are standing for.
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