Room for the moment

The future, we say, is written in the stars. However, it’s the stars we are reaching for. And the future is making a beeline for us – with you. Moment for moment. 

Workplace of the future

What has all of this got to do with modern working environment? Curtains up for open space. Curtains up for meeting lounges, a fitness centre, our own library. Curtains up for the star- and future nest, where mothers and fathers can withdraw with their children. Because they are always welcome here – everywhere. Welcome to Biogena. Welcome to diversity. Welcome to new courage.

Diversity - factor for success

We are all into thinking differently, overcoming comfort zones and being well and truly human. This way, we all contribute – everybody in his own way. This way, we thrive – everybody in his own way. We develop with heart and soul – everybody in his own way: from job interview and daily being together – up to training education measures. 

1.000 euros future fitness

Working at Biogena means for example up to 1.000 euros extra per year. For gathering knowledge and growing personally. Over and above the personnel development programme. Just like this. And we decide ourselves what makes us fit for the future. Biogenas have a free choice. 

Flexibility and family-friendliness

Moreover, we have over 40 working time models – office or home office, day for day. We can choose everyday anew when we start or finish – everybody on his own. 

Health and wellbeing

Why not come into office to hold a meeting – and eating for free? Breakfast and lunch are free of charge for Biogena employees. Here vegan, there flexitarian. Mostly organically certified. And nearly always free of gluten and lactose. And why not stay for a massage – or for shiatsu? And why not take an e-bike in the evening for going home? At Biogena you can rent it for free – even for the weekend. 

Social Service Center

Where people do things for each other, there are ways and means. Yes, also in the case of emotional distress. Yes, even when there is pain. Because also critical circumstances need room – room that means in the Biogena Social Service Center that graduate social workers help with words and deeds when something touches the heart. And whatever it may be, it’s all confidential. 

Welcome to new confidence. Welcome to the moment. Welcome at Biogena. 

Unternehmensleitlinien Arbeitsszene bei BiogenaBiogena Open Space: exchange promotes creativity and productivity.


Biogena Bistro Great Place to work

Lunch break at Biogena - in the company's own bistro, healthy food provides power for the afternoon.


Biogena offers room for being human.