Room for the moment

The future is written in the stars, the saying goes. You should have the courage to reach for the stars. This is why we at Biogena want to offer our employees a space where great things can grow - moment for moment. 


New working environment

What has this got to do with new working environments? Curtain up for open space. Curtain up for meeting lounges, our fitness studio, our own library. Curtain up for the star nest and the future nest, where mothers and fathers can relax with their little ones. Because they may be with their parents all the time. Welcome to Biogena. Welcome to diversity. Welcome to new courage.

Diversity – factor of success

We want to be different, to challenge ourselves and to be well and truly human. This is how we play a part – everybody for himself. This is how we thrive – everybody for himself. This is how we develop with body, mind and soul – everybody for himself: from job interview and daily togetherness – to further training opportunities.  


Unternehmensleitlinien Arbeitsszene bei Biogena
Biogena Open Space: Exchange promotes productivity and creativity.

Health and wellbeing

Why not come to the office for talking something over – and eating free and delicious food when doing so? Breakfast and lunch are complimentary for Biogena employees. Vegan here, flexitarian there, in most cases organically certified and nearly always gluten and lactose free. And why not stay for a massage – or shiatsu? And why not mount an e-bike in the evening and cycle home on it? At Biogena, you can borrow free of charge – even on weekends.

Social Service Center

Where people do things for each other, there are always ways and means. Yes, even for sorrow and pain. Because there also needs to a place for difficult situations in life – a place, that is called Social Service Center at Biogena. Here, graduate social workers help with words and deeds. And no matter what, everything remains confidential.


Biogena Bistro Great Place to work
Lunch break at Biogena - healthy food is served in our own bistro.

Flexibility and family-friendliness

At Biogena, we attach utmost importance to flexibility and family-friendliness. This is why we have over 40 different working time models that help making the day-to-day fantastic and individual. This flexibility is visible especially in our office and home office opportunity, all tailored to individual needs. This way, we can decide ourselves when and where we want to spend our working day – because performance also needs flexibility.

Trust and responsibility

This way, we want to bear responsibility, courageously try out something new, trust, appreciate, rely on young people, respect the elderly, promote the deprived, act sustainably and conserve resources. We want to do the things together and for each other, we want to be different from all the others.


Biogena offers a space for being human.