Biogena – The success story continues


Ipsi ut mutamur, res sic mutantur et ipsae.

The way we change, things change.

What that is supposed to mean? Keep your eyes open and do not stop wondering. Because Biogena unfolds itself so that people can unfold and improve.


1999 Supplements from practice: a group of physicians comes together
2004 The interest group turns into a business: products for orthomolecular physicians
2006 - new formulas bring new supplements
- food safety: partnership with the German LEFO laboratory
- the company presents itself even more professionally
- information material and first website
- Biogena Germany is added
2007 - relocation to Neutorstraße 21
- quality initiative: focus on raw materials
2008 - The company group is restructured
- KS Pharma begins operations in Hallwang-Mayrwies
2009 - focus on quality control and food safety
- ISO-22000 certification
- internal sales team is expanded
- Vienna – Biogena establishes location and store in the capital
2010 - departments expand
- sharing knowledge: Biogena establishes its own academy
- stores in Graz und Salzburg
- BIOGENA inside – Journal for Nutritional Medicine
- NICApur® – a pharmacy brand is launched
2011 - export: all signs point to growth
- expanding knowledge: Biogena conducts its own studies
- the Scientific Team grows
- new self-image: Biogena becomes a knowledge company
2012 - Biogena Partner Service Center – the interface for doctors and therapists
- Biogena Lounge® – the club for all those who want to get more out of life
- panorama – the Biogena-Lounge® magazine
- Natternbach – Biogena gets its own logistics centre
2013 - a winning streak – Biogena keeps growing
- Neutorstraße 13 – store and inside sales relocate
- strategic orientation: second management level is strengthened
- professional training: Biogena goes on the offensive
- audit berufundfamilie (career and family)
2014 - Eco Management and Audit Scheme: Biogena becomes EMAS company
- Schottenfeldcenter – venue for knowledge and know-how in Vienna
- Graz – Biogena increases store size
- Biogena now also in Linz: micronutrient store on the Landstraße
2015 - giving children hope – employees found Biogena hilft! (Biogena helps!)
- Great Place to Work®: Biogena is among the top ten medium-sized enterprises in Austria
- stake in the Ikuna-Indianerwelt (Native American park): with tipi hotel, playground and restaurant
- collecting knowledge: the Mikronährstoff-Coach® (Micronutrient coach) provides information about over 100 active substances (compendium)
- the compact course to the Micronutrient coach - a perfect basic training
- eco-bottle 2015: protecting micronutrient supplements and our climate
- Biogena opens up the Gasthaus Zum Wohl (restaurant): 100 % lactose-free, 100 % gluten-free, whole foods, everything fresh
- Communication Services consolidates PR activities
- mega-trend digitisation: the Biogena Group takes over the Salzburg IT Systems
- five new managers: Biogena on expansion course
- expansion with NICApur International GmbH
- KS Pharma relocates to Lengau
- Welcome to the Strubergasse 24, welcome to our new hub

Work in progress:

- The way we change, things change – all signs point to transformation

- IKUNA follows its path – and becomes a Nature Resort

- Biogena opens up a store in Frankfurt – and stays

- Again a Great Place to Work®, again among Austria’s best: Thrid place in the medium category, special award for new workplace and life quality. And – on the spur of the moment – also a third place in Bavaria.

- With respect: Albert Schmidbauer, hero of the medium-sized businesses

- Our library becomes a stage. For old and new stories – and eyes, as shining as the repertoire.

- Vitamin D – state of the art: Biogena Akademie brings Michael F. Holick to Vienna

- Gold at the integrative ethics & CSR re-chec – as the first company in Austria

- Metamorphosis: The transformation becomes visible.

- Curtain up for the workplace of the future, curtain up for our new hub

- Stumpergasse 51, 1060 Vienna: tell each other “alla salute”   Seilergasse 2, 1010 Vienna: looking nature in the eyes

-  Sternennest (star nest), Zukunftsnest (future nest) – room for BIOGENerations

-   Live CSR reporting worldwide – Verso PRO makes it possible

-   Natternbach: Biogena enlarges the logistics centre– and even opens up a store there.