Management and corporate principles 

"We at Biogena simply want more health and wellbeing for all people in this world and this is what we passionately work for each day".

With our headquarters in Salzburg, distributing agencies in Freilassing, a logistics location in Natternbach as well as stores and distributing agencies in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz and Frankfurt, we develop, manufacture and merchandise high-quality micronutrient preparations according to the pure substance principle made in Austria.. Our Scientific Team is responsible for securing the highest quality standards of our products, which makes us Austrian market leader in the growing segment of micronutrients for adjuvant therapy. The CSR-oriented management is based on a distinct framework of values and culture and we are committed to the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations - because only then, we can follow the corporate philosophy that all Biogena employees are committed to.

Geschäftsführer Biogena Albert SchmidbauerOwner Albert Schmidbauer 

Management Biogena Group

CEO and owner Albert schmidbauer first created Biogena as a vision that he has turned into reality, step by step. Today, he leads the company together with his competent management team (f.l.t.r.):

Geschäftsführung Biogena

Alexandra Aichholzer
Manager Biogena International

Alexandra Herlbauer
Manager Biogena Naturprodukte und Biogena Vital Basics

Ulrike Göllner-Gradwohl
Manager Biogena Stores Österreich und Biogena Stores Deutschland

Julia Ganglbauer
Manager Biogena Stores Österreich und Biogena Stores Deutschland

Roman Huber
Manager Biogena Naturprodukte, Biogena Management Holding, Biogena Akademie, Biogena Deutschland