A healthy passion for collecting

Our Biogena Edition guides offer comprehensible, first-hand health information. But we also want to share with you the books and studies that we believe will enhance and deepen your knowledge about micronutrients.

Collecting and creating


If we are particularly passionate about a specific topic, we – together with renowned experts – will write a book about it. Examples include books about cardiac health, the importance of magnesium, or the dangers of iron deficiency.

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What others collect


Numerous scientific institutions and laboratories carry out research about the fascinating world of micronutrients. Naturally, we integrate the most important findings from international studies into our research activities.

Collecting and recommending


Do you want to learn more about nutrition and diet according to F. X. Mayr? Or do you want to know about how best to combine different micronutrients? We are happy to recommend books concerning these topics and more, written by renowned experts.

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