Scientific Team 

If there is any one group that represents the scientific expertise of Biogena, it is the men and women of the Biogena Scientific Team. But these 15 people do not comprise a department in the conventional sense of the word. The Scientific Team is rather a company-wide platform of employees who work in different areas and departments within our company; a network of experts in the field of nutritional medicine, some of whom work in Salzburg, others in Vienna. They are the first point of contact for scientific questions and scientific support of any kind. What all members of the Team have in common is their professional background – they are all natural scientists.

The majority of the Team members work in the Research and Development department and in Knowledge Management. This group of experts is led by nutritionist Barbara Fäth-Neubauer. Eight years ago, she began creating a unified team made up of the natural scientists who had been working for Biogena, in order to use their scientific expertise to help in the development of the company. She is also head of the Research and Development department. “We work together with external research departments and our medical partners (doctors) and conduct our own studies in order to prove the effects of our products”, she says. The Team also works on the development of new products and concepts, on matters of quality assurance, and on the ongoing search for active ingredients.

The Team members working in the Knowledge Management department create professional informational material, write articles for scientific journals, maintain knowledge platforms, provide internal and external training, and answer subject-related questions.

Fäth-Neubauer is particularly proud of the “Micronutrient Coach”, a comprehensive compendium of micronutrients published in 2015. “This publication is the result of intensive teamwork. With this compendium, our Team is able to communicate its knowledge about micronutrients, and share it with anyone who is interested”.