Our studies

Scientific studies have to be elaborated, planned and conducted meticulously. This is the only way to receive significant results and answers. And it is the only way how the Biogena Scientific Team could – and can, together with partners (physicians) and external scientists, generate remarkable evidences for the efficacy of micronutrients.

Enzyme study


Enzymes are proteins that play an important role, particularly in our digestion. But they can also be used for treating pain. The Biogena Scientific Team examined the effect of certain enzymes on back pain. 

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Griffonia study

Griffonia50 Serolution®: Das natürliche Stimmungsplus

The African black bean (Griffonia simplicifolia) is often used as mood-enhancer and phrodisiac. Read the Biogena study about the effect of Griffonie on anxiety disorders and depressive mood.

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New studies will follow

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The Biogena Scientific Team collaborates with external scientific departments as well as partner doctors and continuously conducts studies in order to prove the effectivity of Biogena products.