The enzyme study

Enzymes are proteins that play an essential role in our digestion. Some enzymes have even more properties: they can become active in the body and, for example, can fight against pain. The Biogena Scientific Team, under the direction of the orthopaedic specialist Dr. Frank Düren, examined in a study, whether certain enzymes can have a beneficial influence on non-specific back pain.

Scientific background

Already in the 1950ies, the physician Dr. Max Wolf and the biologist Dr. Karl Ransberger could prove scientifically that certain proteins, for example derived from pineapple and papaya (bromelain and papain), accelerate the healing of injuries with inflammations. This was the beginning of the systematic enzyme therapy that is used today worldwide for injuries, for accelerating healing processes after surgeries, for rheumatic complaints, for inflammations of all kinds and as complementary therapy in oncology.

The Biogena Scientific Team wanted to know, whether a combination of special enzymes, combined with other substances, help against non-specific back pain. This pain often strongly affects the quality of life of the suffering patients in the long run.

The tested product

We tested the Biogena product DoloZym® forte Gold with proteolytic enzymes (bromelain, papain, trypsin, chymotrypsin) and bioflavonoids (quercetin and bioflavonoids from citrus and grape seeds).

The method

46 participants with non-specific back pain took part in this study voluntarily. At the beginning of the study, we determined the degree of impairment in daily life. The used Oswestry Low Back Pain Questionnaire is internationally renowned and is used in clinical studies. By means of the questionnaire, a range of data is collected, e.g. pain when lifting, walking, standing, sitting or impairments in travelling and sleeping. Since back pain is often accompanied by depression, the WHO-5 questionnaire was used that determines signs of depression.

The subjects were grouped according to coincidence: 25 persons received DoloZym® forte Gold, 21 persons received cellulose-filled placebo capsules without active substances. After a 4-week intake of 2 x 3 capsules daily (on an empty stomach), the degree of disability (Oswestry questionnaire) as well as wellbeing and signs of depression (WHO-5 questionnaire) were determined again. The data of altogether 33 participants (17 participants with DoloZym® forte Gold, 16 from the placebo group) could be analysed.

The result

o   The statistical analysis of data shows a significant effect of the product DoloZym® forte Gold compared to the placebo. The total value for back pain-related impairments in daily life improved in the participants that took DoloZym® forte Gold by 27,2 % within 4 weeks, whereas this value worsened in the particpiants of the placebo group by 12,3 %.

o   Pain decreased by 26,5 % in the enzyme group, whereas it remained unchanged in the placebo group. The quality of sleep improved by 26,8 % in the enzyme group, but remained unchanged in the placebo group.

o   Depression: in total, 23 of the 33 analysed participants (70 %) showed signs of depression at the beginning of the study. Through the intake of DoloZym® forte Gold, this percentage reduced by 60,0% (from ten to 4 persons) in the enzyme group, but only by 30,7 % in the placebo group (from 13 to 9 persons).

o   This study has shown that the use of a dietary preparation with natural enzymes can significantly reduce back pain-related impairments in daily life.


The authors of this study

Studienleiter: Dr. med. Frank Düren, Facharzt für Orthopädie, D-83224 Grassau
Dr. Ina Viebahn, nutritionist Biogena Scientific Team, coordination scientific studies
Barbara Fäth-Neubauer (Dipl. oec. troph. Univ.) nutritionist, Director of Biogena Scientific Team