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Many micronutrients are essential to our bodies. A targeted and individualised supply is crucial to the success of the therapy. For this, we need expert knowledge: our scientists, doctors and partners know all about how best to take these valuable little capsules in order to support health and wellbeing.

Dipl. oec. troph. univ. Barbara Fäth-Neubauer

Director of the Biogena Scientific Team

„In the world of micronutrients, there is still a lot to be discovered, for example, how vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids can slow down the ageing processes, how they activate and deactivate genes, and how they support the effects of medications. The latest research findings, such as information about the functions of vitamin D beyond bone metabolism, illustrate the importance of these substances. New understanding about micronutrients will be the starting point for a healthier future for all of us.”

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Barbara Faeth Neubauer, Leiterin Forschung und Entwicklung

Dr. Walter Wührer

General practitioner in Salzburg, Director of the Griffonia-study

“These days, most people’s bodies are having to cope with a huge number of unnatural pressures (xenobiotics, electromagnetic pollution, stress). In this context, one often has to be proactive when it comes to maintaining good health. Appropriate, high-quality supplements can make an important contribution to helping the body maintain its natural balance. I would not want to go without these healthy micronutrients, in my private or professional life.”

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​​Bild Walter Wuehrer

Dr. Harald Stossier

Medical director of Viva Mayr in Maria Wörth

“Orthomolecular medicine is increasingly providing a link between conventional medicine and complementary medicine. Due to changing eating habits in modern times along with a food culture that is lacking, the use of micronutrient supplementation both for maintaining health and for therapeutic purposes has become absolutely vital in my view. However, for therapies to work at their best we need pure ingredients of the highest quality, in particular in order to be able to treat patients with intolerances and allergies. In addition to laboratory diagnostics, the combination of micronutrient supplementation and Applied Kinesiology is key for creating an individualised therapy that is based on the current metabolic situation of the patient."

Viva Mayr


Bild Harald Stossier