The need to share

We are proud of our knowledge. And we are allowed to share it with people who really care about health. Special training modules, lectures by experts, online seminars, and other attractive platforms are available for this purpose.


Biogena welcome 2016 Endkunden Katalog

Health-conscious people want to know all the details: how many micrograms of a micronutrient does one capsule contain? What is its physiological function? Find more information in our customer catalogue (currently only available in German).

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Healthy training


For doctors and other medical professionals who are interested in immunology, food allergies, or dentistry, our Biogena Akademie offers informative and interesting, comprehensive seminars. It is also possible to take part online.

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Biogena magazine

Panorama im Juni: Mann sein Frau sein

Biogena customers have it good. Three times a year, they receive “panorama”, a magazine with information about staying healthy, interesting news from the world of science, and practical tips for a healthy diet and a health-conscious lifestyle.

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Mental Fitness

Geistige Fitness

We are what we think. But in our busy daily life, it is often difficult to keep body and mind fit. It is advisable to take measures for preventing mental and physical prostration when one is still young.

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Comprehensive compendium


How much you need of a certain micronutrient, the symptomatic effects of deficiency, how to take the micronutrient supplements, their effects when combined with medications – these questions and more are answered in our “Micronutrient Coach”.

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Platform for professionals


When our Biogena partner doctors and therapists want to broaden their knowledge about micronutrients, they can look up information in “inside”, our journal for nutritional medicine or look up studies online.

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