MikronährstoffCoach® (Micronutrient coach)

Do you know that feeling? You make a discovery and all of a sudden, you are completely bowled over by it. – The effect of micronutrients is breath taking. And we put it all into one formula: comprehensive and up-to-date.

Compact Course



First impression counts – this also applies to micronutrients. Against this background, we had the vision to create our Compact Course. For all those who haven’t studied medicine – but feel called to promote health.

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Mikronaehrstoff-coach Biogena Buch

The curtain rises for over one hundred active ingredients – our Scientific Team has put a spotlight on them. This encyclopaedia presents everything from A to Z, including laboratory diagnostics, indications and interactions with drugs.

Book: Mikronährstoff-Coach

Online platform

Biogena Mikronährstoff Online Plattform

Here, universal knowledge about micronutrients meets unique online applications: Write prescriptions, use our intelligent search function and find detailed information about scientific studies. Please note that currently this feature is only available in German.

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