Immune fit through the advent season

14. December 2016, Weichselbraun Margit, Life

Christkindl markets and fairs, carol singing. Cosy and comfortable get-togethers shed light in the dark season and turn the days before Christmas into something special. However, this time of the year is a challenge for our immune system – with cold, wet, crowds and gathering.

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Our Biogena chef Laszlo recommends: Vanilla snowballs

10. December 2016, Life

A simple christmas recipe in just 15 minutes - no bake.

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Meridian Übung Herzdünndarmmeridian 2

Meridians in the flow

28. November 2016, Birgit Oswald, Life

According to the 5 elements cycle, autumn and winter are the seasons of metal and water with their functional circles lung and kidney. The climatic conditions during the cold seasons can weaken the energy supply of these organs, which can lead to a reduced defence Qi. Snowboarder Julia Dujmovits shows how the energy pathways remain strong with Makko-Ho meridian strechting.

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Hermes Wirtschaftspreis Verleihung 20.10.2016

Biogena receives the Hermes Economy Award

21. October 2016, Redaktion, BIOGENA - the company

Hermes, god of trade, for Biogena – with the HERMES Economy Award, great entrepreneurship receives a special prize as a sign of appreciation.


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Lebensfreude im Herbst

Bye bye autumn blues

28. September 2016, Margit Weichselbraun, Micronutrients

Autumn. After summery easiness, autumn is playing the blues – days are becoming shorter, leaves are dropping.  For some, melancholy is knocking at their door. But there are also people for whom it’s more than sheer melancholy that is spreading through the darker months – they suffer from a so called winter depression.

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Neurogesan® - improved formulation

31. August 2016, Redaktion, Product news

More vitamin B12 and allergen-free sunflower lecithin – just two of the advantages of the new formulation. Biogena has improved the high-dosage nutritional supplement to support the nervous system and the mind.

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Biogena Akademie - certified training

ISO-certification for the Biogena Akademie

08. August 2016, Stefanie Merz, BIOGENA - the company

Since july 2016, the Biogena Akademie holds the ISO 29990:2010 certification.

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Vitamin D im Sommer

A summer break for Vitamin D?

04. August 2016, Margit Weichselbraun, Micronutrients

What makes Vitamin D special?

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Biogena CSR

Welcome to the era of real-time reporting at Biogena

21. July 2016, Julia Ganglbauer, BIOGENA - the company

Where there is trust, appreciation arises.

Where there is appreciation, we can take courage.

Where there is courage, space opens up.

Where there is room for each other, responsibility grows.

And fantastic performance takes its course. 

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MiraCHOL Gold new red rice raw material

31. May 2016, Redaktion, Product news

There are many miraculous stories about the positive effects of red rice  – and there are different raw materials on the market that also differ in their proportion of the active substance monacolin K and in price. This way, we need less raw material for offering Mirachol with the same active effect as ever.

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Where there is knowledge, great things grow.

12. May 2016, BIOGENA - the company

We at Biogena expand knowledge, collect knowledge, share knowledge and live knowledge. Because only where there is knowledge, great and new things can grow! This is why our Scientific Team continuously collects and expands our knowledge with scientific studies about orthomolecular medicine. We summarised more information about the Biogena brand relaunch and about the transformation in a sort video.

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Vitamin D - Dr. Michael Holick, Ute Biedermann, Dr. Albert Schmidbauer

Vitamin D: state of the art

25. April 2016, Micronutrients

 Vitamin D – why take it, and how much? US doctor and vitamin D expert Dr. Michael Holick has the answers. Guest lecture at the Biogena Academy on 22nd April 2016. 


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