Biogena is – once again – a „Great Place to Work“

17. March 2016, Redaktion, BIOGENA - the company

Once again, the micronutrient specialist Biogena ranks among this year’s winners in the “Best Employer 2016” competition. In addition to an excellent 3rd place in the medium-size employer category (50 to 250 employees), the company has been awarded the special prize as best employer for a new working environment and quality of life. Yesterday evening (17th March 2016), 24 company representatives – as a cross-section of all the Biogena Teams – received the award in the Palais Ferstel in Vienna. Because at Biogena, diversity is not only theory, but actual practice.

A comprehensive opinion survey was carried out and all Biogena employees (without exception) were asked for their honest feedback. The result? 91 percent of employees expressed their confidence in the companies of the Biogena Group. This shows a slight improvement compared to last year.

A culture of values
At Biogena, trust works its way from the inside out. This is why the company makes a point of trusting its employees without exception. Additionally, Biogena has firmly incorporated appreciation, responsibility and courage into its corporate culture. But there is even more to it: Biogena means thinking differently, leaving one’s comfort zone and being wholly human. Because when we take each each other as we are, we can truly develop as individuals. This is also what the credo “different from all the others” stands for. And for Biogena, this also applies to personnel policy: From job interviews to daily collaboration and professional development measures, diversity is a factor for success.

Working at Biogena means that you receive up to 1,000 euros extra each year for expanding your knowledge and showing personal growth in the process – in addition to the personnel development programme. And everybody decides for him or herself what constitutes personal growth and what helps that individual to face future challenges. Biogena employees have free choice.

Letting people live their life to the fullest
“Good health and well-being” is the third sustainable development goal of the United Nations. And this is what Biogena commits itself to; it is at the core of our identity. Because it is in our nature as human beings to live with body, heart and soul – to thrive – and to develop and improve as much as we can.

The company Biogena is based in Salzburg. It has a branch office in Germany and stores and sales offices in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz and Frankfurt. It develops, manufactures and markets high-quality micronutrient supplements. Knowledge of health and a love for manufacturing are the right ingredients for uncompromising quality – without additives.

Joy and pride about the repeated Great Place to Work award (f.l.t.r.): Albert Schmidbauer, Julia Ganglbauer, Roman Huber, Alexandra Herlbauer, Ulrike Göllner.

Julia Ganglbauer, MSc
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