Zinc cream available now

10. April 2017, Redaktion, Product news

The surface of our skin is 1,73 m2 on average. This large organ serves as protection and it enables us to feel, and to touch. And now, we have good news for our skin: with an improved formula and in new design, our popular Biogena Zinc cream will soon be available in our assortment. From now on, our Zinc cream comes in a fancy cream tube. It is not only a visual feast, but it is also sustainable and eco-friendly because only little material is used. Due to the reduced use of oil-based plastics and because we do not use adhesive laminating, the cream tube is free of aluminium and recyclable – a real eye catcher.


Biogena Zinkcreme
Biogena Zinkcreme

For smooth, supple skin.

Physiological importance of zinc: 

  • Zinc is essential for the skin and connective tissue metabolism 
  • It is vital for the immune system 
  • Zinc is important for the formation and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. 
  • Zinc plays a key role in wound healing 


Possible uses:

  • Support for rough skin.
  • For irritated and affected skin.

From the end of March, the Biogena Zinc cream will be available in our web shop and in our Biogena Stores