Most modern form of bowel test - comfortably from at home

15. December 2016, Redaktion, Life

When have you last felt as fit as a fiddle? Before racking your brain about it, let’s focus on “a few floors down” – on our abdominal brain. We should be aware of the fact that our wellbeing is controlled by our stomach. Our intestine as nutritional supplier and central immune organ influences our health and mood more than any other system of our body. Unfortunately, a good gut feeling cannot be taken for granted. About a third of the population suffers from unexplained indigestion which, amongst others, find expression in flatulence, abdominal pain and constipation. The causes for unexplained indigestion are manifold – identifying them is crucial for the treatment by a doctor or therapist. 

Individual bowel tests for tailor-made solutions 

We are all unique – and not only when it comes to bowel health. Mister X suffers from abdominal pain caused by a deficiency in digestive enzymes, whereas Misses’ abdominal pain comes from her disturbed gut flora. The better we know the cause of indigestion, the more efficient the attending doctor or therapist can react with appropriate dietary guidelines and therapeutic measures. By means of a stool sample that you can take comfortably at home, selected special laboratories such as the leading complementary medicine laboratory GANZIMMUN Diagnostics AG, can analyse your personal bowel health. 

Stage fright because of the stool sample? No problem at all!

One day before taking the stool sample. You should avoid an extremely one-sided diet – which means foods and meal that contain an extreme amount of fat or protein. The test kit that you receive from a doctor or a diagnostics centre contains an instruction manual and often all the utensils required. For the sample, you should use mainly parts of the stool that stick together and put them in the sample container. After taking the sample, the sample container should be closed airtight and labelled. The test kit may also contain documents that should be filled in and added to the sample. Depending on the supplier (see instruction manual), the sample can now be handed over to your doctor or in the diagnostics centre or be sent to the analytic laboratory by post. 

Depending on the test, your doctor or therapist receives valuable information about:

  • the state of your gut flora 
  • food residue in the stool (e.g. undigested fat or protein)
  • possible causes for wrong digestion 
  • a disturbed nutrient uptake (e.g. inflammations, disturbance of intestinal mucosa) 
  • the immunological mucosa defence 
  • intolerances (e. g. histamine intolerance) 


Do you also want to become active for a better gut feeling? Ask your doctor or therapist for the possibility of a special stool diagnostics.


Book recommendation: Darm krank alles krank (Bowel sick - all sick)