MiraCHOL Gold new red rice raw material

31. May 2016, Redaktion, Product news


Health and science is our commitment – of that we are sure. That is why our formulations correspond to the most up-to-date scientific understanding.

More active substance, less raw material

We make a point of the quality of our raw materials and products - and develop it further: in the past, only red rice with 1% monacolin K was available, now we can use an extract with 3%. Since Mirachol is all about the monacolin K dosage, we only need 1/3 of the extract for guaranteeing the same effect. The new raw material with 3% monacolin K costs more, for this reason the product price must remain the same - but the capsule is smaller and easier to swallow now. 

10 mg monacolin K daily from red rice contributes to a normal cholesterol level in the blood.