Product NEWS: Erdensalz® Mineralien (Earth salt minerals)

06. March 2017, Redaktion, Product news

Four elements from our solar system 

Mineral supplementation for a modern lifestyle
4 elements for preserving wellbeing in times of increased strain.

Many people suffer from overload, tiredness and fatigue in their daily life. However, against the common belief that the metabolism of tired persons is on low, their metabolism runs high due to stressful situations. This is why they need more minerals.   

Magnesium for a example, which is also known as anti-stress mineral. Magnesium plays a key role in the generation of energy and supports the functioning of our psyche and nerves. The same applies to potassium. Potassium is an important element for maintaining normal blood pressure that often works together with magnesium in many metabolic processes.

There are also zinc and selenium: In tired persons, there are more free radicals that cause oxidant stress. Zinc and selenium counteract this and catch the free radicals. Moreover, the increased metabolism causes a high acidic load when we suffer from tiredness and fatigue. Here, zinc helps preserve our acid-base balance. 

Biogena Erdensalz® Mineralien (Earth Salt Minerals)

Star power for man nowadays. With minerals out of our solar system – in compounds available on Earth.  


Physiological importance of the contained minerals:

  • Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure.
  • Magnesium supports the energy metabolism. Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. unterstützt den Energiestoffwechsel. 
  • Zinc is important for the acid-base metabolism.
  • Zinc and selenium play a key role in protecting cells from oxidative stress. 


Possible uses:

  • For support in the case of tiredness, fatigue and increased stress.
  • For balancing oxidative stress in times of heightened strain. 
  • For maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • For maintaining the acid-base balance.


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