Product NEWS: Naturtrilogie® C 250 (Natural trilogy)

07. March 2017, Redaktion, Product news

Berry trio with extracts from amla, elderberry and rowan berry

Amla berries: rich in natural vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only important for maintaining the energy metabolism, but also contributes to the formation of collagen as well as to bone and cartilage functions. Collagen is a structure bearing protein of the connective tissue that plays an essential role for the flexibility of skin, bones and cartilage. Moreover, vitamin C is very important for the immune system, especially during and after sports and helps protect cells from oxidant stress.

In addition to amla extract, which is rich in vitamin C, Biogena Naturtrilogie® C 250 (Natural trilogy) also contains extracts from elderberry and rowan berry rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins. With 500 mg, this product has a particularly high content of natural vitamin C per daily dosage (2 capsules).

Biogena Naturtrilogie® C 250:
  • with bioactive plant extracts from amla, elder and rowan berry
  • vitamin C plays an essential role in maintaining a normal immune system, also during and after intense physical strain
  • the vitamin is important for maintaining a normal energy metabolism
  • vitamin C helps protect the cells from oxidant stress
  • vitamin C supports the formation of collagen, cartilage & bone functions


Possible uses:
  • for supplementing a diet low in vitamin C
  • for an additional intake of high-quality plant extracts derived from amla, elder and rowan berry
  • for supporting the immune system, especially during and after doing sports
  • for protecting your cells from increased oxidant stress
  • for maintaining normal cartilage and bone function

product information: Naturtrilogie C 250