Product tip: MoFerrin® 21

10. May 2017, Redaktion, Produkt-Tipp


Finally an iron preparation that is well tolerable:
MoFerrin® 21is the first plant-based iron preparation on the market, which has both a high uptake rate and a good tolerability. It helps balance an iron deficiency and treat iron deficiency-related anaemia in a natural way. In addition, plant-based vitamin C from the Amla fruit improves iron uptake.


Iron deficiency:

According to estimations, every 5th woman of childbearing age and up to 4,5% of men in Austria and Germany suffer from an iron deficiency. It is especially important to keep an eye on the iron level of children, adolescents, pregnant women, breastfeeding women as well as of sportsmen and –women. But also people who take medications or suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease and women with heavy menstrual bleeding have an increased risk of developing an iron deficiency.


Possible areas of application:

  •  For the dietary treatment of iron deficiency-related anaemia
  • For a targeted iron intake in the case of non-anaemic diseases such as hair loss, cold hand and feet or tiredness
  •  For filling empty iron stores after surgery and in the case of continuous blood loss or gastro-intestinal bleeding


product information: MoFerrin® 21