Product-Tip: Nutrifem PilloVit B6®

19. June 2017, Redaktion, Produkt-Tipp

The influence of the Pill on the nutrient balance

Hormonal contraceptives, such as the birth control pill, can increase the need for certain vitamins and minerals. More nutrients, especially Vitamin B6, but also folic acid is needed. Both vitamins are essential for a functioning metabolism. Vitamin B6 is needed for a healthy protein metabolism, for the nervous system, blood formation and for the immune system. Folic acid is a risk nutrient for all women. It is necessary, for example, for cell division and blood formation. A sufficient supply with both vitamins is particularly important when the Pill is stopped due to the wish to conceive a child. But there is also an increased need for other micronutrients such as magnesium and zinc. This is why a tailor-made nutritional supplement is recommendable as an addition to hormonal contraception.

Nutrifem PilloVitB6 ® is a targeted vital substance product for women who use the birth control pill for covering an increased need for micronutrients – especially for heightening the vitamin B6 and folic acid status that is lowered in many women due to the intake of the Pill. With vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B2, magnesium and zinc for more health and wellbeing.

Biogena Nutrifem PilloVit B6®


Nutrifem PilloVit B6®

  • The vitamins B2, B6 and B12 play an important role in energy metabolism and are essential for normal nerve function
  • Vitamin B6 and folic acid contribute to normal psychic functioning


Possible uses

  • For covering the increased micronutrient need caused by the use of the birth control pill
  • For promoting physical and mental wellbeing of pill users
  • For maintaining a healthy folic acid and vitamin B6 status with regard to the wish to conceive a child


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