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The Biogena Akademie magazine for specialists has established itself as professional journal in the German speaking countries and informs its readers for ten years already about news in nutritional medicine. 

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Partner Blog

Biogena Science Blog

In our Biogena Science Blog, graduate nutritionist Barbara Fäth-Neubauer writes regularly about exciting and curious aspects of the scientific world and about things she cares especially about.

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Anwendungsbeobachtungen und Studien

in our download area, you find patient and doctor brochures, current product offers and detailed information about Biogena preparations as well as interesting studies and non-observational studies with micronutrients. 

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The scientific information provided in the login area is exclusive for partner doctors in the framework of their medical practice. They serve as objective information about the latest scientific developments only and are no commercial messages (which are – when health or nutrition-related – subject to EC regulation 1924/2006). For this reason, the information provided must not be passed on to patients. With your confirmation, you actively request this information.