A time out for your own health

08. February 2017, Redaktion, Biogena Stores

Salzburg/Freilassing, 8th February 2017.

You feel more than welcome, when you enter the Biogena store in the Lindenstraße 22. Here, in particular natural building materials were used that make the store a place where you feel comfortable. Walls made from breccia ensure a relaxed atmosphere, plants, wood elements and shelves bring life and warmth into the room. Moreover, comfortable seats illustrate what the new Biogena store is all about: time for your own wellbeing.

Colour and diversity in the centre of Freilassing

The store is decorated in teal, the corporate colour, and brings a lot of colour and knowledge about micronutrients in the Lindenstraße in Freilassing. The store is of special relevance: “Our representation in Freilassing was especially important for us, since the town near Salzburg is like our second home. The store concept that was implemented here – with a lot of colour and natural elements – will be a significant model for all future locations”, explain Ulrike Göllner and Julia Ganglbauer, management Biogena stores, the concept.

Biogena brings the established full product range with over 220 products also to Bavaria. The products are clearly arranged, so visitors can immerse themselves into the world of micronutrients easily and according to individual needs. Top-trained nutrient consultants help with questions – an alternative to the 24/7 web shop with a personal touch. The offer in the store is perfected with selected reference books and high-quality organic vegetable oils from Southern Carinthia.

A clear goal: a fantastic life

For Biogena, leading a fantastic life means living consciously and with joy. This encompasses a mixture where sports and social life are as important as mental hygiene or eating a balanced diet.

Many micronutrients are essential for our organism. A healthy and balanced diet provides us with nearly all vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that we need. But special situations in life, natural strains or a change in dietary habits can lead to an increased need for micronutrients, as it is the case for sportsmen, pregnant women, people with food intolerances or persons in stressful situations. Micronutrients – with a scientifically proven effect and manufactured according to the pure substance principle at Biogena – can be an important element in a whole bundle of measures that contribute actively to health and wellbeing.

When it comes to manufacturing, Biogena counts on quality and transparency. The result? High-quality products derived from high-quality raw materials with the highest bioavailability, without colourings, preservatives and additives. Biogena manufactures in Lengau (Upper Austria) and also sets new standards for packaging: A three-fold positive effect, because the eco-bottle that is used is food safe, without softeners and made from the renewable raw material sugar cane.  

Information about the Biogena store in Freilassing:
Lindenstraße 20, D-83395 Freilassing
Infoline: +49 8654 774 00-2200

Store hours:
Tue – Sa: 9.00 a.m. –12.30 p.m.


Mag. Cornelia Harlacher | Public relations manager
T +43 664 227 78 19 | c.harlacher@biogena.com | www.biogena.com