Biogena among the finalists at the State Prize KNEWLEDGE

25. June 2016, Redaktion, Employer

Der Staatspreis KNEWLEDGE steht für eine ständige Wissenserneuerung und wird jährlich vom Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft verliehen. Zu den Finalisten zählen jene heimische Unternehmen, die Weiterentwicklungsprogramme ganz im Sinne des lebensbegleitenden Lernens im beruflichen Kontext unterstützen. Heuer zählt Biogena, Österreichs Nummer 1 am Mikronährstoffmarkt, zu diesen Vorzeigeunternehmen. Die Staatspreis KNEWLEDGE-Auszeichnung prämiert eine besonders engagierte und innovative Personalentwicklung. So werden Projekte vor den Vorhang geholt, die bereits erfolgreich in die Praxis umgesetzt werden und andere Unternehmen dazu inspirieren sollen, es gleichzutun.

Economic benefits through strong human resources development

Strategic human resources development can provide a clear competitive edge, particularly in times of economic difficulty. Biogena defines this advantage as “fitness for the future” and has created a holistic human resources policy that is oriented around the third sustainable development goal of the United Nations: “good health and wellbeing”. The Austrian family-owned company doesn’t just look at this in terms of health, but also uses this principle to guide its policies on corporate social responsibility and value-oriented management. In human resources terms, this means responding to the individual needs of its employees.

Placing people at the centre

The different benefits and reward packages that are available to all employees ensure that they have plenty of opportunity for personal development. A human resources development programme that responds to individual strengths and potentials makes the Biogena team fit for the future and motivated to succeed:

Fit for the future:

Education and training for employees is particularly emphasised, as the “best provision for the future of a company”. For this purpose, €250,000 is invested every year in the continued professional development of employees. The package is rounded out with an additional €1000 “education voucher”, which employees can use freely and according to their own interests, to develop their personal “fitness for the future”.

Modern working environments:

The team operates in a “workplace of the future” – a theme that is reflected in the office design concept as well as the opportunities for personal development. Concepts such as Open Space, Future Room, Corporate Health, Female Shift, Diversity and more are everyday realities at Biogena.


The “work-life balance” is an essential part of the workplace setup. With over 80 different working time models, working from home, and office hours based on the principle of trust, Biogena responds to the individual needs and time availability of its employees.

Health and wellbeing:

“ Health and science is our commitment” is the mission for our day-to-day work both within the company and externally. This is why, for example, we offer our employees health and wellbeing packages with massage or shiatsu practised by qualified therapists, and a confidential Social Service Centre with social workers. Physical wellbeing is also taken care of: breakfast, organic juices, fruit, and lunch from our own organic bistro are all part of the package.

This commitment pays off: In 2016, Biogena was once again named as a “Great Place to Work”, this year with the additional special prize for “New Working Environment and Quality of Life”.

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