Biogena brings the sun to Dubai

22. May 2017, Redaktion, BIOGENA - the company

From 15th to 19th May, the Scientific Team of the Salzburg-based company Biogena brings its know-how around micronutrients to the sheiks: We are a partner of the Dubai Herbal and Treatment Centre (DHTC). Since a lot of people in Dubai suffer from low vitamin D levels , especially our products around the sun vitaminare  very popular, explains Dr. Ina Viebahn, research designer at Biogena.

Sun helps against vitamin D deficiency – many people believe this. But as current studies* show, also people living in sun-spoilt countries like the United Arabian Emirates or the Gulf region often have a deficiency of the so-called “sun vitamin”. This insufficient intake of vitamin D can have many causes, such as for example changes in lifestyle, or in diet. Also, if you try to avoid the sun consciously due to high temperatures, you can develop a vitamin D deficiency. A study, conducted 2016 in Dubai, lead to the following result: independent from age and gender, the vitamin D levels of the native population is in average under the recommended value.  

Biogena supports treatment centre in Dubai

These deficiency syndromes are determined via, for example, a micronutrient analysis. The Dubai-located treatment centre “Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre” (DHTC) carries out these and similar tests. In addition to other specialists in the health centre, the DHTC also works together with Biogena, Austria’s leading expert in the field of micronutrients. The Biogena Scientific Team visits regularly and gives advice to the 20 therapists of the DHTC about the issue of micronutrients: “We are glad that we can support the treatment centre in Dubai with our know-how. Since people in the United Arabian Emirates and the Gulf region are prone to having low vitamin D levels, mainly products such as Vitamin D 2000 DUO Gold NutriGellets and Vitamin D3&K2 NutriGellets are popular, explains Natalie Lebner, nutritionist from Biogena.  

But also here in Austria, vitamin D products play an ever greater role: “ The summer sun is here often not sufficient for bringing the vitamin D level to the desired amount. Through the use of sunblockers with an SPF of 30, we additionally reduce the ability to produce the sun vitamin. Vitamin D products can help in these cases”, explains Viebahn the rising importance of vitamin D products.


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