International Plus Green Campus Summer School

15. July 2016, Redaktion, Research

When research and business go hand in hand:
Biogena invites the scrutiny of 40 international students.

Salzburg, 15th July 2016. The first International Plus Green Campus Summer School – a collaboration of the University of Salzburg and its Dutch partner institution, the University of Groningen – put the micronutrient company Biogena under the scientific microscope, as part of the inaugural year’s focus on environmental psychology. The aim of this international programme, for 40 students from different countries, is beneficial to everyone involved: the students can put their knowledge into practice and critically examine the holistic environmental policy of a company. As a partner in the collaboration, Biogena in return receives valuable input from the young experts as they commit themselves fully to devising innovative solutions.

Putting theory into practice – a great success Behind this collaboration is the University of Salzburg and its partner institution, the University of Groningen, who want to give their students an international exchange opportunity and an insightful look behind the scenes of a leading company in Austria. In this way the partner universities are successfully creating a special connection between research and practice.

“We are delighted that the first year of our Plus Green Campus Summer School was such a success. The outcome speaks for itself: 40 inspired students, an animated exchange about the issues of our future, a smooth connection between theory and practice, and a very happy collaboration partner from industry, which let us spend four days behind the scenes, says Isabella Uhl from the University of Salzburg, describing the successful implementation of the project.

For Biogena as a collaboration partner, the four-day International Plus Green Campus Summer School brought many new perspectives on topics related to its day-to-day operations. . “We were really very impressed at the outcome of this project. We were able to spend a lot of time with young, motivated people from two very different countries, and discuss important questions about our future. It was a great experience for us. The fresh and innovative approaches of the students will enrich us in our day-to-day activities,”  Roman Huber, member of the Biogena Board of Directors, says enthusiastically.

Focus Future: Psychological Aspects of Sustainability
During the Plus Green Campus Summer School, students focused first on the theories and research findings of environmental psychology and then reflected on how these could be implemented in practice in a targeted way. As a collaboration partner, Biogena brought real-life challenges to the table for the young experts to work on in the framework of interdisciplinary education.