Value-oriented company management as the key to success

17. June 2016, Redaktion, Sozialverantwortung

Biogena has secured a place in the running for Austria’s “Oscars for Sustainability” for a holistic understanding of corporate social responsibility.

Vienna/Salzburg, 15 June 2016. Austria’s leading micronutrient company was delighted to be nominated this year for the TRIGOS 2016 in the category “holistic commitment to CSR (medium-sized company)”. Austria’s most prestigious award for responsibility in industry is a further milestone on the still developing path of this knowledge company, which was named as one of the top 6 companies in this year’s CSR award.
“Good health and wellbeing” is the third sustainable development goal of the United Nations – and Biogena has committed to this whole-heartedly. The Austrian family-owned company doesn’t just look at this in terms of health, but also uses this principle to guide its policies on corporate social responsibility and value-oriented management. “Awards such as TRIGOS are very important indicators for us, because they gives us a valuable outside perspective on what we are doing. The feedback from external experts highlights our strengths and potential – this means we can optimise our path, grasp opportunities proactively, and be proud of the milestones we have reached”, explains Dr. Albert Schmidbauer, owner of Biogena, describing the significance that the TRIGOS prize holds for the company.

Business success and CSR go hand in hand

For Biogena, taking responsibility is something that needs to be applied to all areas – from the way we interact with our own employees, to the conscious use of resources, right up to our economic responsibility as Austria’s market leader in the field of high-quality micronutrients. Our recent successes validate the path that the company has chosen through business policies which focus on CSR and values-oriented corporate management. In recent weeks, Biogena has been nominated for and awarded with several prizes, including as a “Great Place to Work”, with a special prize for “modern working environment and quality of life”, two nominations from Energy Globe and – a first for an Austrian Company – the ethical maturity GOLD in the Integrative Ethics and CSR Re-Check from the St. Georgen Wirtschaftsethikinstitut (Institute of Business Ethics). The Salzburg-based company has also achieved a number of business successes: since 2010, Biogena has created 85 new jobs and has in recent years reported continuous growth of around 30%. Biogena is an innovator in financing, and has run several successful crowdfunding campaigns, implemented together with the collaboration platform Finnest.

Courage to try new ideas
For Biogena, acting responsibly also means constantly thinking about how to make the world a little bit better – in ways large and small. One example: our in-house organic bistro offers our employees an allergen-free menu every day, free of charge. Leftover portions can be taken home in the evening, for a small fee – an offer that working mothers in particular often find helpful. Any such fees are then donated 100% to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). This enables Biogena to have a positive effect three times over: the company avoids creating food waste, supports a work-life balance, and helps a charitable organisation. This courage to try new ideas also inspired Biogena to replace its petroleum-based HDPE bottles with food-safe and plasticiser-free eco-bottles made from sugarcane, a renewable resource. This “green” packaging is made from a by-product of sugarcane processing, and allows Biogena to save 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The innovative thinking goes even further, because the use of “bagasse”, the fibrous residue left over from sugarcane processing, is an important topic for the Salzburg-based company. “The top and bottom thirds of the plant do not contain any sugar, and are discarded as waste products. In northern and eastern Brazil, this amounts to 150 million tonnes per year. This is a huge amount, up to 90% of which is currently being burned for energy and biofuels, as this is more profitable”, says Alexandra Herlbauer, member of Biogena’s board of directors and the person responsible for product development, explaining the potential of this by-product. Sugarcane is more effective than any other plant at binding CO2 and filtering it from the air. When the plant is burned, this is immediately released again – but in the form of packaging material, the greenhouse gas is captured permanently. Biogena is working together with partners to make this idea for climate protection a reality as quickly as possible.
“We are very proud of our green packaging, because it shows us what we can achieve with innovative thinking. Together with an Austrian manufacturer, we have focused on developing an eco-bottle that fulfils all quality standards while also being very environmentally friendly”, Alexandra Herlbauer enthuses about the eco-container.

About Biogena
The Salzburg-based company - which has a subsidiary in Germany as well as stores and sales offices in Vienna, Linz, Graz, and Frankfurt - develops, produces and markets high-quality micronutrient supplements. Health expertise and a love of manufacturing are the perfect ingredients for quality without compromise – and free from additives.

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