Exhausted: Which role does magnesium play in our body, why does a magnesium deficiency lead to illness in the long run?

Univ. Prof. Dr. Sepp Porta/Mag. Michael Hlatky: Ausgepowert. Wie Magnesium-Mangel krank macht! Verlagshaus der Ärzte 2013.

This guidebook treats the important role that magnesium plays in our body and shows by means of current studies why a magnesium deficiency can lead to illness in the long run. Because without magnesium, the human energy metabolism doesn't work. Many lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes arise and aggravate due to magnesium deficiency. But also people who are often on a diet, lack sleep or are under serious stress, pregnant women and sportsmen often suffer from severe magnesium deficiency. By means of modern examination methods, this kind of deficiency can be determined and an adequate therapy often leads to a great improvement in quality of life. 

Note: This book is currently only available in German. 

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