Arzneimittel und Mikronährstoffe

Arzneimittel und Mikronährstoffe

Medication and micronutrients: Which vitamins, mineral substances and Co. help reduce undesired effects of drugs?

Uwe Gröber: Arzneimittel und Mikronährstoffe. Medikationsorientierte Supplementierung. 3. Auflage, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft Stuttgart 2013.

Long-term therapy with corticoids increases the risk for corticoid-induced osteoporosis. Diuretics lead to a loss of potassium and magnesium that heightens the risk for metabolic disorders. Metformin hampers the dietary availability of vitamin B 12 and thus promotes neurological disorders. Therapy for lowering cholesterol leads to disorders of the coenzyme Q 10 balance and the mitochondrial energy metabolism, which can manifest themselves in the form of myopathies and neuropathies. If you know the causes, you can eliminate these risks and use micronutrients in a targeted way. "Interactions between drugs and micronutrients" is a comprehensive reference book for physicians and pharmacists for optimising the therapy for patients.

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