Micronutrient coach: well-founded information about over 100 vitamins, mineral nutrients, trace elements and Co. as well as their therapeutic use.

Dr. Christina Schmidbauer (Hg.): Mikronährstoff Coach®. Das große BIOGENA Kompendium der Mikronährstoffe. Verlagshaus der Ärzte 2015.

The Micronutrient coach, published by the Biogena Scientific Team, offers you quick and simple access to well-founded information about micronutrients and their therapeutic use. On 823 pages, the reader finds information concerning over 100 vitamins, mineral nutrients, trace elements, fatty and amino acids, bioactive plant substances, plant extracts and other natural substances. 

Micronutrients are of an ever greater importance in modern medicine. Current studies show that vitamins, trace elements & Co. are not only useful in the case of common colds or minor complaints, but also as complementary therapy for life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

This comprehensive compendium presents current scientific findings and offers an expedient supplement to basic medical knowledge for physicians and patients likewise.

- This book is currently only available in German
- 2nd edition available from mid-April 2017

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