Spezielle Labordiagnostik

Spezielle Labordiagnostik

Special laboratory diagnostics: the book treats questions and clinical pictures of the naturopathic practice.

Ralf Kirkamm/Michael Martin: Spezielle Labordiagnostik in der naturheilkundlichen Praxis. Urban & Fischer 2014.

This book deals with questions and clinical pictures that are typical for the naturopathic practice - from food intolerances and susceptability to infections to stress-induced or oncological diseases. Special laboratory diagnostics finds causes where the usual standard laboratory encounters its limits. Due to sensitive methods, it provides new insights in biochemical processes and enables highly differentiated diagnoses. They form the solid base for successful and individual therapeutic concepts. In order to increase the usefulness of this book in the daily practice, the chapters are structured according to indications and in addition you find treatment recommendations with naturopathic products. Alongside phytotherapeutic, probiotic and dietary approaches, micronutrient therapy is also incorporated. 

Note: This book is currently only available in German.

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