The Biogena values

Everybody wants to thrive, with body, mind and soul – full of health, full of energy, full of potential. As societal contributor and partner, Biogena considers itself responsible for broaching questions in the areas of education, social equity and quality of life in order to enable all people to live a fantastic life. 

We at Biogena nor can neither want to accept that nearly 50 % of women worldwide still cannot realise their plans because they suffer from iron deficiency or because they are affected by the side effects of the birth control pill. We do not want that people are dependent on antidepressants while there are alternatives. And we do not want that people suffer from reduced mobility, cannot enjoy nature and cannot whirl their kids around through the air.

Verantwortung mit Weitblick
Taking visionary responsibility.

The standard we aim for

As future-oriented knowledge company, we try to incorporate our five core values – trust, responsibility, appreciation, courage and performance – in our thoughts, activities and decisions. We want people to be able to live their life to the max and discover their potential. They should have all the means for leading a fantastic life, for living health and feeling real vitality and lust for life. Here, it is especially important to take opportunities and to be open for new and old health knowledge.

This is why we collaborate closely with doctors and universities – in order to discover knowledge worldwide, to network experts and professionals and to promote diagnostic potentials. Only in doing so, we can coordinate medical and nutritional services and to offer them ourselves where it is reasonable and necessary. Our goal is to develop scientific formulas and to analyse their effects – so we can manufacture micronutrient preparations in the uncompromisingly best quality. We also want to ensure the sustainability of raw materials and the permanent availability of manufacturing methods. This is exactly why we offer our products and services – in order to encourage, to inspire, and to offer everybody what he needs for leading a wonderful life. All personally, all individually.